A Charming Winter Wedding

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  • Greenkit & Makeup Application – BBinsideout
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This wedding was one of the most elegant and delightful events I’ve done makeup for! The bride is Sarah Oulahen, Naturopathic Doctor from SOW Health in Toronto. She tied in beautiful elements of nature and old world charm into her two day wedding celebration.  I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share the day with you! Enjoy these photos!

The Process

Greenkit & Makeup Application - BBinsideout

Sarah B

Sarah C

Mother & Daughter


Sarah E

Time to Get Married!


 Day 2: “Let’s Celebrate!”

Downtown Toronto Photoshoot, Reception & Dance

Mr. & Mrs.

Sarah & Matt 2

Mother of the Bride

Mother of the BrideSarah & Matt 1Sarah & Matt


Congratulations Sarah and Matt!


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