About Me

mvkMy name is Marcella, and I am an All Natural Makeup Artist with a non toxic chemical free Green Kit with organic alternatives. I worked for a cosmetic company for 6 years and branched off doing what I love to do, makeup application and lessons; educating women about healthy non toxic beauty options. I love teaching women techniques that work well for their unique colouring and skin type without absorbing harmful contaminants that are in most conventional cosmetics. My hope for you, is that you will be empowered to make decisions that will make you feel great on the inside and feel better about being you.

In the past 4 years, the way I do makeup has changed dramatically, for the better; I have made an exciting turn toward a brighter and healthier future! I am an advocate for natural health and beauty since I have learned of the toxic, synthetic, and carcinogenic ingredients in cosmetics and skin care. You might now run into me in the city demoing in Health Food Stores or at schools or events sharing chemical free alternatives. I am ever indebted to my dear friend Sheryl, who is a cancer survivor, for opening my eyes to this information. Thank you Sheryl for not giving up on me and inspiring me to dig deeper. It is my passion and my goal to help those around me stay vibrant, joyful and healthy!

On my site, I share beauty tips and trends and also new research and facts as they arise about products, chemicals, and beauty innovations. I also have a RESOURCES page along the top menu, with a variety of Guides to help you in your journey. You will find there news clips, product recalls, and even clear guidelines on how to read and understand the extensive ingredients lists on products, and how to check your own products for safety. I am committed to sharing with you practical tips on how to stay away from toxic chemicals and carcinogens, and also what companies are accountable to their ingredients and have appropriate ethical standards. Every now and then I like to also share tips on how to make effective homemade natural products yourself! Stay tuned for more beauty tips, industry secrets and trends that you can learn and do on your own. I am thrilled that you have decided to be a part of my journey. I’d love to answer any of your questions and interact with you through Instagram TwitterPinterest, or Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you!

Go on now and be… bright and beautiful inside and out!