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I have been testing products for some time and even have been making my own moisturizers and cleansers and have been trying to formulate a good product. I have enjoyed using my own homemade skin products, and I’ve learned about the variety of natural ingredients that rejuvenate the skin and help with cell renewal or naturally hydrate the skin. I have also finally found some companies with great formulations & am ready to share them with you.

A few months ago, I never thought I’d ever find anything that was 100% pure and raw because time after time I was finding water or alcohol and even synthetic vitamin E in “natural” products from health food stores. As you know, I am immensely picky since I am obsessed with wholesome only natural ingredients (and sick of all of the harmful petroleum derived synthetics in everything!!!).


These are my Top Picks for BEST NATURAL SKIN CARE:

#1. Skin Essence Organics

Skin Essence Organics is one of the only companies that is truly organic; Certified Organic ingredients, Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly and made in Canada. All their ingredients are cold pressed (totally raw) keeping them full of their natural nutrients, minerals, and enzymes. They don’t use ANY fillers, no water, no cheap oils. Their carrier oils are beautiful (expensive and nutrient rich) and are the 1st ingredients, such as Rosehip Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel, Kukui Seed Oil. They bottle is tinted glass to prevent sun exposure/damage (eco friendly/bonus, and no BPA or plastic leaching).

Here’s how I found out about them. I was browsing Noah’s Natural Food store at Yonge & Eg and Skin Essence Organic’s owner, David, was doing demos. As you know, I am always happy to learn about every all natural company out there and do some research on them. As he expressed the basics of what he was using on me, I was in shock and basically in disbelief, so I picked up the bottles and read for myself. I recognized some of the ingredients, and then asked about others I hadn’t seen before. Some of the ingredients are so rare and pure that I have never even seen them individually for sale in any of the huge health food stores. One ingredient that stood out to me in the moisturizer, that David told me about was “Allantoin” a natural component found in comfrey root. It helps treat burns, wounds, acne… it stimulates healthy tissue formulation. Who knew that Stevia Leaf also has healing properties, is nutrient rich, and helps prevent scaring? I have been using their Nourish Line and my skin feels so smooth and healthy again! Thank you David!! I also learned that this company never intended on selling their products to the market. It was created by a highly regarded Herbalist and Certified Holistic Esthetician who made it to share with their friends and family and specifically for her Mom who has rosacia.

If there are any downsides to this line, it would be remembering to shake the moisturizer before using it because the minerals will settle in the bottom which has been an easy thing to get use to. Also the moisturizer is a serum rather than a whipped synthetic lotion, so it’s very thin and you just use a little bit. It takes a little getting use to if you haven’t used natural skin oils before. However they absorb so well and also help even the pigmentation of your skin with the carrot tissue in it. Carrot tissue also stimulates skin cell renewal and naturally contains beta-carotene and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.

Lastly, the price point is very good, they are very competitive! All their products are between $18-35. Moisturizer $32, Cleanser $28… see website for details (The mask/exfoliators – Facial in a Jar, and eye serum – Ocular Eye Serum, are my favourites!! ask me about them, I don’t want to use up too much space on here) I can get you a discount too but you have to ask me,!

Overview Of Skin Essence Organics:

Upside: Certified Organic, fair trade, made in Canada, All cold-pressed ingredients, great price point, long lasting. You don’t need a separate “toner” because of the natural toning ingredients in the cleanser. Ingredients have all their raw minerals, nutrients, enzymes from cold extracting from the plants. Nothing feels “heavy”. Skin breathes well.

Downside: Shake bottles before using. Get use to serum instead of thick moisturizer.

Where can I buy them: Noah’s Natural Foods, Nature’s Emporium (New Market), The Big Carrot (Toronto), Select Spas, Online (free express shipping over $50), or ask Marcella (personal discount). Click for all locations.

#2. Suki

Suki is 100% synthetic free and has clinically proven results. They are not certified organic anymore, however they are still the runner up when it comes to being pure and wholesome. They do use organic ingredients however recently were unable to be certified (and they don’t want to pay $$ for the certification just to be promoted by a label that supports some companies that aren’t truly organic). They are a transparent company. I love that they use glass bottles as well. You won’t find any fillers and no synthetics and no alcohol in their products. They are accountable and list every ingredient with details in their thick brochure (more like a booklet) you get when you purchase the product. Their products are also gluten free which is so important for people with celiac and sensitivities. They even use a lot of the great cold pressed ingredients that Skin Essence Organics also use! The downside is the price point is quite high. I’m assuming that the prices are higher due to shipping to Canada. Their intensive nourishing cream was $61. Their basic balancing day lotion was $36 however I finished the bottle in less than 2 months sadly. Creamy Cleanser is $33. The balancing masque is $58 and the peel is $83.

Upside: Quality ingredients. Trustworthy company. No synthetics. Gluten Free. Well researched technology and clinical results. Do not use nanotechnology. Clear glass bottles. The moisturizer has a perfect texture and is very soothing.

Downside: Price point is higher. They didn’t last quite as long. Ran out of moisturizer fairly quickly. The cleanser left a slight oily film on the skin. In order to fully get the benefits of the skin care you need to buy the toner.

Where can I get them: Nature’s Emporium (New Market), other select health food stores, or Online (free ground shipping for orders over $50)

#3. Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics is one of the oldest organic skin care companies. They were an innovator for organic skin care in the 1960’s. Aubrey comes in 3rd. Here’s why:

Overview of Aubrey Organics:

Upside: Stays away from synthetics. They have a good standing reputation. They also have a lot of products for all your body care needs as well. Never have any parabens. They have their own formulation of “natural preservatives” which is a combination of Vitamins A, C, and E. For the quality of the product, it has the best price point. I paid less than $20 per product. (However, is not the same quality in comparison to Skin Essence Organics or Suki). Leaves the skin feeling smooth. Variety of lines for different skin types.

Downside: They bottle in plastic. There is water and alcohol in their moisturizers.

Where can I get them: Nature’s Emporium (New Market), other health food stores, and Online


In conclusion, I am happy to say that I’ve found some good all natural skin care options. Nothing compares to my #1, Skin Essence Organics, for it’s formulation and cold pressed ingredients! Suki is a good runner up with many great products and a large product line. Thirdly, Aubrey Organics is an affordable option, not quite as pure but is a step toward chemical free living and makes your skin feel great. I hope this information has been helpful! Please contact me if you have questions about any other products or ingredients as well. Also, to test your own products for safety, click on the resource page: “How To Check Your Own Products For Safety”.

If you have further questions about Skin Essence Organics or to order, email me:

Here is complete information on Skin Essence Organics Brochure- Skin Essence Organics