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Tips to Prevent Sun Spots and Cell Mutations

How to Protect Your Skin in the Summer Heat Genotoxicity, DNA Damage, Cell Mutation and Sun Spots In the summer we know that the UV index can get quite high. We know that UVA and UVB rays can penetrate all the layers of your skin and cause cell damage. Did you know that if you…
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Trending: Top 10 Dramatic and Flawless Safe Cosmetics

Dramatic and Courageous According to Harper's Bazaar, the "no makeup" makeup trend has been thrown out the window for 2016. This year, it's all about colour. Bright lips, blues on the eyes; lashes, lashes and lashes, and extra bronzing. Here are our Top 10 Safe Cosmetics, that you will love, and hit the mark for this…
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The Truth About Deodorant & Antiperspirant

American's spend $18 billion a year trying to "stop sweating" Most of us are pretty ashamed of our own "body odor" and we would do just about anything to cover it up.  BUT your body needs to sweat! There are important reasons why we sweat. Sweating rids the body of harmful toxins, keeps your skin clear,…
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