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Trending: Top 10 Dramatic and Flawless Safe Cosmetics

Dramatic and Courageous According to Harper's Bazaar, the "no makeup" makeup trend has been thrown out the window for 2016. This year, it's all about colour. Bright lips, blues on the eyes; lashes, lashes and lashes, and extra bronzing. Here are our Top 10 Safe Cosmetics, that you will love, and hit the mark for this…
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Emily Blunt’s Radiant Green Beauty Look at The Cannes Film Festival

I finally had the chance to watch Sicario this weekend and Emily Blunt's acting was incredible.  What fuels my excitement even more is seeing her goregous non toxic makeup look when she arrived at the photo call for Sicario at the Cannes Film Festival in France.  I am ecstatic to show you how GORGEOUS Emily…
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How to See Past the Greenwashed Lenses

Are you seeing through greenwashed lenses? Greenwashing is straight up deceit and dishonesty and its' prevalence makes me sick to my stomach. Money motivated companies deceive good people with good motives who want to make healthy choices. Corporations put a lot of effort into marketing specifically to an educated audience, you and I, who care about a…
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