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Are You Drinking Poison? Cosmetic Ingredients Causing Cancer & Adverse Health Effects

Our Skin’s Drinking What? Studies have shown that on a daily basis the average woman is exposed to 50 mg or more of the Dirty Dozen chemicals thanks to body care, fragrances, and cosmetics. A recent online study showed that 60% of consumers are looking for “safer” products however they still continue to use products […]

Sunscreen and The Dangers of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a popular science arising in the cosmetic industry. It enhances the product’s ability to absorb ingredients at a rapid rate into the skin.  Nanomaterials are modified ingredients, it is matter that’s manipulated on an atomic and molecular scale; they are super tiny and penetrate all the layers of the skin immediately.  Nanotechnology is […]

Harmful Chemicals to Stay Away From: Parabens & Petroleum

As you probably just read in my previous post, our skin has an amazing ability to absorb.  Because there are so many toxins, carcinogens and synthetic fillers in most cosmetics, there is really a lot to look for in your product ingredients labels.  So let’s just look at a couple of common cosmetic ingredients that […]

Our Skin’s Absorption & Chemicals

The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and, unfortunately, the FDA does not do “recalls” on cosmetic products, however, they can make recalls on foods. According their FDA Recall on Cosmetis, they keep their hands clean from this messy work: “FDA has no authority under the FD&C Act to order a recall of cosmetic”. If […]