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Spring 2014 Makeup Trends

It’s time for your 2014 Makeup Trends Report! Usually spring brings us sweet and gentle trends such as pink petals, shimmery eyes or rosy cheeks and lips. This year we are immersed with exciting BOLD and SEXY makeup looks! Audacious Trend #1: Orange Lips Bold, electric orange. This can sound intimidating to some. However, orange […]

Reducing the Chemical Burden on Your Body

The Body’s Chemical Burden We are exposed to chemicals in our daily hygiene, makeup, and cleaning routines that have a profound impact on our health.  The cocktail of chemicals we are breathing in, metabolizing, and absorbing, are in our everyday products that we use daily and we expect that they are safe, and they should […]

My Top 3 Must Have Cosmetics Without Toxins

I’m so excited to share my ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE products with you! Over the past 3 years I’ve been trying new products with healthier ingredients, free from known carcinogens, parabens, petroleum derived ingredients, propylene glycol, tolune, formaldehyde… to name a few.  It took me a little while to find the perfect matches! Now I’m going to […]

Sunscreen and The Dangers of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a popular science arising in the cosmetic industry. It enhances the product’s ability to absorb ingredients at a rapid rate into the skin.  Nanomaterials are modified ingredients, it is matter that’s manipulated on an atomic and molecular scale; they are super tiny and penetrate all the layers of the skin immediately.  Nanotechnology is […]

Sun or No Sun? The Sunshine Vitamin Debate

I am so excited that spring is almost here! Finally we get to enjoy the warmth of the sun on our faces and a warm breeze as we go for walks and run errands. I love the sun! Soon I will be planning trips to the pool, the beach, the park, going biking and having […]

Favourite Toxin Free Makeup That Works

I spent Saturday and Sunday at The Healthy Planet in Etobicoke and Mississauga, doing Skin Essence Organics demos, and I met some wonderful ladies who asked me about what makeup products have great durability and are free from toxins. I have been purchasing natural cosmetics, transitioned to paraben free in 2010, and have been reading […]

How to create your own Dolce Vita look! Madonna’s Chic Italian Riviera Look

Who doesn’t want to step up the glam and add some Italian flair to their look? I’m starting to feel the dull winter weather blues, so let’s call on spring early with some fresh fashion!  If you want a taste of  The Sweet Life than try this Dolce Vita look at home! It’s all about […]