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Colour Matching Tips for Gorgeous Greens

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Whether your eyes are green, blue, hazel, or brown, the eye shadows you choose will either enhance your eyes and make them pop or it could bring the focus to the makeup you’re wearing. Here are some tips for helping you choose eye shadows and colours that will make everyone see your beautiful green eyes! Here’s a fun little fact: According to the Urban Dictionary, “Most people lust after green eyes, and find them incredibly beautiful… People with green eyes are normally unique and different and secretly admired.”

Tips for Gorgeous Greens

My friend Jen has the most beautiful bright green eyes! I gave Jen a makeover on Saturday and we used a beautiful crystal highlighter, golden brown and mauve. Then we lined her eyes with a true purple liner. We finished with black mascara. To open her eyes, we used a matte highlighter eye shadow across the whole bottom of the eye with an eye definer brush.

  • The best way to make green eyes pop is to use colours that are opposite on the colour wheel.
  • Stay away from colours that may drown out the natural green of your eyes, like yellows and mustards.
  • If you want to ever use a green shadow, just make sure to use one that’s not too close to the colour of your eyes, use one that’s more smoky or darker or creamier.
  • Blues tend to not work great with green eyes however if your eyes are more hazel, then a turquoise can be flattering.
  • Colours that work great are purples, mauves, and anything with a red undertone. Red is opposite on the colour wheel.
  • If your eyes are quite green, browns can look great. If your eyes are hazel, browns might make your eyes appear more brown.
  • Purples are one of my favourites with green eyes, but it shouldn’t be applied as the base colour (or it may look like you got in a fight!!!) Use a soft highlighting colour and a gentle neutral mid-tone, and then use as much lavender or periwinkle (light purple) as you like. If it’s a light colour, it may look great all across the lid but if it’s a deeper colour just a touch of fig or blackberry in the outer corners is all you need.
  • If you are going to use an eye liner, match the eye liner to your eye shadows you are using. If you’d like a natural eye liner, I would suggest a deep brown with a red or warm undertone. You can always use black for a more dramatic statement.

Here are some pretty shadows that would work great for you green eyed babes!





I’ve selected the colours above from an all natural makeup line that I really like called ZuZu Luxe. If you put your cursor above the picture it will list the name of the eye shadow colour. For a makeover or colour matching email me at:

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