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How To Have Thick Full Lashes in Less Than 2 Minutes (Mascara Application Video)

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In less than 2 minutes you can have beautiful, thick & full lashes! My video is less than 2 minutes and it will show you visually the following steps:

1. Coat the base of the lashes – side to side motion

2. Roll up from the base to the tips of the lashes

3. Use the top of the wand, with the extra product on the end, placing the extra mascara across the base of the lashes

5. Roll up from the base to the tips again, reworking the extra mascara.

6. For a little extra length and continuous colour on the top of the lashes, gently feather the top of the lashes with mascara as well

7. Finish by separating any lashes using the tip of the wand


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