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Is This Mass Fraud? 3 Minute Video Clip

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Gentle Formula with Aloe, fine print: “causes irritation to skin & urinary tract”… YES, in Baby Bubble Bath – Watch this 3 Minute Video Clip

Many of you are becoming more aware of the lack of regulations in the cosmetic industry and are learning what’s really in your personal care products. To review some basics, this video gives you a brief head’s up on a few of the things that are in our every day products while surveying the public. Have you ever noticed the fine print on baby products (like “Mr. Bubble – Gentle Formula with Aloe”) that say “Excessive use or prolonged exposure can cause irritation to skin and urinary tract “? Thanks for watching! Feel free to list your comments below.

Also, if you haven’t already seen the other video with more details on chemicals used in products and a background on the cosmetic industry, please do watch this one too! This is my favourite video! It’s in my previous post, What’s In Your Personal Care Products – Take a Look, click here to watch this one or click on the picture below. They review the ingredients in a best selling common shampoo that most of us purchase just about anywhere in North America. Enjoy!!

Feel free to leave your comments below!

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