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My Top 3 Must Have Cosmetics Without Toxins

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I’m so excited to share my ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE products with you! Over the past 3 years I’ve been trying new products with healthier ingredients, free from known carcinogens, parabens, petroleum derived ingredients, propylene glycol, tolune, formaldehyde… to name a few.  It took me a little while to find the perfect matches! Now I’m going to tell you what my top favs are!

Here are my Top 3 Healthy Must Haves

#1. Zuii Organic Flora Liquid Foundation

Why is it so great? It has a smooth texture, always very creamy but also can provide a beautiful full coverage. It has a pump top which doesn’t allow air to go into it and it stays fresh for about 1 year. It’s a large tube and if you use it everyday, it will still probably last you about 8 months! I would compare this foundation to other top conventional brands and this has zero chemicals which is so impressive! All the Zuii Organic flora cosmetics also have a natural floral scent because of the natural ingredients they use.

Application Tips: After applying your moisturizer (The Skin Essence Organic Nourish Moisturizing Serum is a perfect “primer” or if you have acne prone skin, their Light Moisturizing Serum is great as a foundation primer). For a full coverage allow your moisturizer to absorb and dry for about 3 minutes. Afterwards, use one squirt of the liquid foundation, thin it out on multiple fingers and apply a thin layer over entire face including eye lids, then blend well in a downward motion because of the fine hairs all over the face. You can apply with a foundation brush, sponge, or your fingers, that’s all personal preference.  Apply a second thin layer for a full coverage and extra around darker area around eyes. For a medium coverage and a natural dewy look, apply the moisturizing serum and immediately apply liquid foundation.  If you match your foundation appropriately you will not have to use any on your neck.

#2. ZuZu Luxe Dual Powder Foundation

Why is it so great? I use to only use loose powders, like pure mineral powder or the silken earth powder from Aubrey Organics. They stopped making this or at least they stopped selling it in Canada sadly. I loved the loose powder made of silk.  Mineral powders were alright however I didn’t find I got a very natural looking nor day long coverage. Now I have a new favourite powder and I never would’ve thought I’d be returning to pressed powder!! This is so silky and soft that it applies like my loose silk powder but it’s pressed in a compact. I love that you can buy refills so it’s eco-friendly and you don’t have to throw away your old compact. There’s even an extra hidden pouch below that opens to store your sponge applicator which is convenient for those little touch ups later in the day or night when you’re out! It gives you a nice matte finish and helps hold your cheek colour in place all day.

Application Tips: Brushes make a big difference. Use your favourite big powder brush for the best application. (I love the iBeauty brushes from Winners made of bamboo and super soft synthetic fibers). If you want it to last all day, it’s all about layering. After your liquid foundation, apply the pressed powder all over with your powder brush. Then apply your cheek colour and bronzer. For a matte look, finsih with a reapplying some pressed powder to the t-zone and a little under the cheeks to seal your colour and help it last all day.

#3. “The Mascara” by ZuZu Luxe

Why is it so great? This mascara is the only mascara I have found with all plant based ingredients (free from coal tar, parabens, petroleum ingredients and harmful dyes), that has a great workable consistency, it’s super glossy and is not dry at all. You actually get quite a bit on your wand. It’s easy to actually work the lashes and move the mascara around to coat your lashes from top to bottom. The tube lasts a perfect 3 months (after 3 months it’s best to throw away mascara due to the bacteria that could be developing in it). I would compare this mascara to my old favourite which was the ultimate mascara from Mary Kay. This mascara comes off well with just washing your face with a safe natural Gentle Cleanser and then I use some grapeseed oil on an organic cotton pad.

Application Tips: In order to get a full set of lovely lashes you must make sure to coat them directly from the base of the lashes. Start with holding the applicator right at the base of the lash line, slowly and subtly move the wand side to side, then roll the brush all the way out to the tips of the lashes. Repeat until you’re satisfied. You can also lightly coat the top of the upper lashes, feathering the top of the lashes then the bottom part of the upper lashes for a natural even look. For more dramatic lashes, I always use the tip of the applicator, where a soft glob of the mascara is at the tip of it, holding the wand vertically, move the tip of the wand along the base of the lashes. Then you will have extra product to work with. Then turn the wand back horizontally and work the lashes as you normally would until it’s even and lashes are separated as desired. You usually only need to dip the wand once per eye. Unless you’re adding colour below your lower lashes, stick to keeping your mascara to just the upper lashes for a younger and ‘awake’ look.

I am passionate about only using healthy alternative products since our skin absorbs nearly everything that is applied to it and there are so many ingredients causing cancers and terrible illnesses! So now I have found a way to get natural alternative products for all of you as well.  I order natural cosmetic products 1/month for my clients from Zuii Organic, ZuZu Luxe, Gabriel, and No Miss nail care and polish. If you would like anything, you can contact me directly: If you would like any Skin Essence Organics, email me and I can email you a discount code so you can get a better deal through their website (

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    Great article :)! I wish zuii cosmetics were sold nearby my town. I’ve heard wholefoods offers cosmetics, so hopefully I’ll find them there!

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