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Dangerous Chemicals & Heavy Metals in cosmetics in Canada

CTV News


 The Ugly Truth of Toxins in, Toxins Out

A Closer Look at The Story of Cosmetics: Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

8 minutes that will change your life! My favourite video – Marcella

The Story of Cosmetics


Toxic Ingredients to Avoid: Toxic 12

Anti-Freeze Ingredient Label - Ethylene Glycol & Diethylene Glycol


Pinkwashing: Promoting products in the name of “supporting” breast cancer causes while using toxic chemicals linked to cancer

Estee Lauder, Covergirl, Procter & Gamble, Panteen ProV, Revlon, Avon, Mary Kay, just to name a few…

Pinkwashing Video Clip - In The News

Top 5 Sunscreen Myths

Top 5 Sunscreen Myths - Video Clip from Eve Organics

A Closer Look at the Fine Print & Health Warnings on Baby Bubble Bath, Lipstick & Fragrance

A Closer Look At Cosmetic Safety - Baby Bubble Bath - Fine Print Warnings - Video Clip

Blue Vinyl Documentary (Highlights)

Dangers of PVC and Dioxin “The Poison Plastic”
Blue Vinyl - Documentary - HIghlight Clips

Blue Vinyl – Documentary Highlights of the Toxic Plastic from Mario Vellandi on Vimeo.

The Dangerous Chemicals You Don’t Know You’re Eating – Part 4

The . Oz Show “The Hidden Chemicals You’re Feeding Your Kids” with Heather White, E.D. EWG

The Hidden Chemicals You're Feeding Your Kids - Part 4 BPA - Dr. Oz Show