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Sunscreen and The Dangers of Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology is a popular science arising in the cosmetic industry. It enhances the product’s ability to absorb ingredients at a rapid rate into the skin.  Nanomaterials are modified ingredients, it is matter that’s manipulated on an atomic and molecular scale; they are super tiny and penetrate all the layers of the skin immediately.  Nanotechnology is very common in the making of sunscreens today. Often companies are even traditionally safe sunblockers, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide into nano sized particles now TiO2 and ZnO.When nanotechnology is used, the zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, instead of being white molecules that you see when you rub it on the skin (it’s a physical barrier for sun protection normally), instead the substance becomes clear.

Carbon Nanotubes, Reactive, Potential Dangers

Carbon nanotubes, tiny mechanisms that deliver active ingredients to your skin, are usually less than 100 nanometers or less than 0.00001 centimetres, they are super small and said to be stronger than steel. Nanomaterials potentially can be highly reactive which increases the potential for side effects. Nanotubes have been found to cause a type of cancer called mesothelioma in lab tests.

Australia has the highest rates of skin cancer and they have been taking action on the side of prevention. In elementary schools, they have made decisions to ensure children are using non-nano sunscreens. Friends of the Earth is a non-profit that seeks to ensure the safety of sunscreens there; they answer many questions about sunscreen safety and nanotechnology on their site meanwhile listing sources! They state that: “When nanoparticles are accidentlly inhaled (eg. from spray on sunscreen), eaten (eg. when wearing sunscreen and handling sandwiches) or absorbed through our skin, they could pose health problems. Scientific studies have shown that nanoparticles of titanium dioide and zinc oxide commonly used in sunscreens can produce free radicals, damage DNA and cause cell toxicity in test tube studies, especially when exposed to UV light.”

In America, the FDA and cosmetic industry have not yet announced any danger for those using skin care or makeup with this technology however more long term tests are necessary! It’s better we get definitive answers and use it only once we know that it’s safe rather than use it and find out later that we’ve caused ourselves and others harm!

Let’s choose to error on the safe side!

HOW? Choose safe sunscreen! The very best UVA and UVB protectant is pure natural zinc oxide, the mineral.

There are just a few companies that offer zinc sunscreens today, here are a few:

1. Green Beaver, a Canadian natural body-care company found in most health food stores

2. Badger  an American company (who has stopped using nano technology) also found in health food stores

3. Skin Essence which is a local fair trade and truly organic skin care company that makes the safest natural sunscreen called Tropical Tradition and it’s based on traditional recipes by the indigenous people of South America. They’ve combined nourishing and protecting ingredients like zinc oxide, shea butter, vitamin E and sesame seed.  By clicking here you can read more on it’s ingredients. You can access Skin Essence in Some Ontario health food stores or by emailing me. They’re creating new packaging for the sunscreen at the moment, so they only way to get it right now is by contacting me directly.


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  1. Holly 2 years ago   Reply

    Great article everyone should read and care what we put on our skin. If you have kids then you owe it to them to be educated about what we smear on them.

  2. David Brooke 2 years ago   Reply

    Great post Marcella.
    So many interesting points and very well written!!
    I love reading your blog…. good job!

    David :)

  3. Carolina 2 years ago   Reply

    This is an awesome article Marcella! I had a hard time finding a good and safe sunscreen (not too many options out there) for our trip to Colombia in January. I had no idea about the Nano technology. thanks for posting this article.

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